We are currently based in the most beautiful shed in Devon – perched on the hills above Exeter with views across East Devon, Jim works from home to  coordinate all Pelican’s Foot projects. We are borne out of a desire to draw on all the skills and experience at our disposal, and to make the  interests and networks we have come to life in new and exciting ways. To this end Jim has recently been awarded the contract to act as Executive Director for a brand new charity called Fishing into the Future. This soon-to-be-officially-independent organisation has been set up by fishermen, for fishermen and with fishermen. It is looking to support all actions and activity that promotes sustainable and profitable fisheries into the future. Please contact Jim directly about this new organisation or look for more information on the Fishing into the Future website in the New Year.

We love working across a range of disciplines and can bring a truly multi-disciplinary approach to your project. We focus on marine issues, but our natural  interest in the world means we also have experience and expertise across land-based environments.

We draw on a strong values-set, where the environment comes first but only when people are included in the process. We believe in the fundamentals of  co-production, co-management and transition away from tired and flawed management paradigms.

We seek to innovate and challenge assumptions, but ultimately we want you to bring your own ideas to life.

Jim has a life-long interest in and relationship with the sea. From family holidays to the endless beaches of North Norfolk to his new family in Devon he  has never been far from the coast – the coast has never been far from his thoughts.

Jim is a keen fisherman, surfer, a professional diver, a lover of wild places and wild camping and a fumbling artist. He is also an experienced drummer  (having played in reggae and other bands for many years) and a father of four children. He has two new-born twins and two older step-children. His wife is  a GP.