Broad knowledge, deep understanding, high-class delivery


Here at Pelican’s Foot we pride ourselves on delivery. Our marine environmental consultancy draws on a wide and comprehensive skill-set in order to provide a service to suit your needs. We love what we do and do what we love.

Above all, the services we offer are about you, the client. We work hard to deliver excellence, and can draw on a wide network of skilled professionals – from science geeks to horny-handed bush-craft experts – to build the perfect team to bring your project to life.

All conservation – and particularly marine conservation – is about managing the actions and activities of people. People must be therefore be central to any solution and we believe strongly in the value of co-development, co-production and co-management as a value-base from which to draw.

Communications underpin all we offer, but these are supplemented by very strong capabilities in the following areas:

  • Strategic thinking, planning and design
  • Creative innovation and inspired new-thinking
  • Pragmatic solutions-focused delivery
  • Professional outlook
  • Awareness and understanding of political dynamics across and between sectors
  • A desire to harness our environment in ways that improve the experiences, quality of life and choices for future generations
  • A belief that ‘environmental integrity’ is fundamental and entirely compatible with thriving communities at all scales

Take a look at our track record to see if we are what you are looking for…

“Thank you Jim, I have read your excellent report, and you have your finger right on the button.”
- Dave Hutton, Connah’s Quay Watermen’s Association